Nkambeni Safari Camp

Are you situated within the Kruger national park?2017-08-03T08:18:46+00:00

There is absolutely no need to be concerned that Nkambeni falls outside the borders of the Kruger National Park. This is a misconception, as the borders of the Kruger National Park is determined by the fence and not the Numbi gate (Tourism control gate) itself. The Numbi Tourism control gate is merely for tourism and access control if one wants to enter deeper into the Kruger National Park. It is thus the tourism control point and in particular the point where conservation fees for tourists are being paid. The actual gate is the gate that is locked at gate closing times and Nkambeni is situated well inside this gate.

Nkambeni Safari Camp actually forms part of a private Concession/Contractual Park area of 12 000ha WITHIN the KNP, which makes our lodge even more spectacular, with additional benefits to our guests.

Do you offer any activities at the lodge?2017-08-02T13:15:29+00:00

What question? Off course we do we are a Safari Destination!!!. We offer a wide range of Safari and Eco-tourism and even social tourism activities:

  • A large dining area overlooking the Kruger National Park that offers A la carte as well as buffet meals.
  • A fully licensed bar and lounge area
  • A lounge area where you can enjoy a sundowner with your friends and family.
  • A large swimming pool and leisure area overlooking a dam where Hippo and other wildlife often visit.
  • A Boma for evening braai’s, ideal for larger groups and / or functions.
  • Traditional African entertainment can be arranged on request, such as traditional dancers, Marimbas and gumboot dancing.
  • An African curio shop
  • Over lander facilities and ablutions for over lander stay overs.
  • Morning and afternoon traversing game drives as well as full day game drives within the KNP.
  • Sundowner/Night Game Drives
  • Bush braai dinners in the KNP
  • Traditional Afrikaans dinner
  • Big 5 – Bush walks on our private concession in the KNP
  • Excursions to our additional community projects, such as the community schools, feeding schemes, bore holes, food gardens, anti-rhino poaching talks that we are currently involved in.

For any further details, please enquire from our reservations department for the specific times, rates and availability for all activities.

Are conservation fees included in price?2017-08-03T08:21:01+00:00

SanParks conservation fees are not included in the price of the set out packages that we offer. Conservation fees will have to be paid upon entering through the tourism control point at Numbi gate. Please email us for current rates on conservation fees at res1@www.nkambeni.com.

If we do not enter through the Numbi gate, do we still have to adhere to gate opening and closing times?2017-08-02T13:09:46+00:00

Yes. Although guests do not pay conservation fees when traversing to Nkambeni Safari Camp it does NOT mean that they are not inside the KNP.  As mentioned above, the fence determines where the boundary of the KNP is. Therefore, a security guard is at the gate after gate closing times and until gate opening times when the Tourism Control Gate opens.

Below are the current gate times according to SanParks rules and regulations for 2017:

  • January – 06:00 – 18:00
  • February – 06:00 – 18:00
  • March – 06:00 – 18:00
  • April – 06:00 – 18:00
  • May ­– 06:00 – 17:30
  • June – 06:00 – 17:30
  • July – 06:00 – 17:30
  • August – 06:00 – 18:00
  • September – 06:00 – 18:00
  • October ­­– 06:00 – 18:00
  • November – 06:00 – 18:00
  • December – 06:00 – 18:00
Are your tented units air-conditioned?2017-09-07T06:37:49+00:00

Yes, all our units are equipped with air conditioning to accommodate for the hot summer months as well as the cooler winter months.

Does the lodge offer Wi-Fi facilities?2017-09-07T06:38:18+00:00

We offer a complementary 150 MG of FREE Wi-Fi to each guest, during their stay at Nkambeni Safari Camp, to ensure access to attend to urgent business or to communicate with their loved ones. In addition, guests are more than welcome to purchase additional data from our front desk.

Is it advisable to drink the tap water at the lodge?2017-08-03T08:31:16+00:00

Yes, the water at Nkambeni Safari Camp is borehole water and safe to drink as it is tested on a regular basis.

What is your staff tipping policy?2017-08-03T08:30:51+00:00

We would like to advise that tipping of the staff is at your own discretion. If you would like to give a staff member a gratuity, please hand it directly to the staff member. Here the normal 10% of the bill can serve as a guideline. If you however want to give a tip to all staff or staff in general that served you when you visited the lodge we have a formula that divide tips fairly amongst staff excluding management. Such tips can be paid in at reception or can be brought to the attention of the Duty Manager – we will ensure that all staff benefit that made your stay memorable.

Do you offer a buffet or ala carte menu for dinner?2017-08-03T08:30:13+00:00

As a rule of thumb we serve a full buffet dinner almost every evening. However, depending on the amount of guests in-house, we do from time to time serve a special pre-selected ala carte menu that will ensure an exceptional African dinner. Dinner is served our Deck/Restaurant area or Boma from 18:00 to 21:00.

We realize that your packages do not include lunches. Is it possible to order lunch at your facility?2017-08-03T08:29:53+00:00

Yes, we offer an A La Carte Lunch menu at our restaurant, which is available daily from 12:00 pm to 14:00 pm.

Do you offer a corkage fee, and if so, what is your corkage policy?2017-08-03T08:29:31+00:00

We offer a wide variety of specialty South African wines, wine cultivars, regions, maturity level, producers, all at reasonable prices. Although we are aware that everyone has their individual and preferred taste when it comes to selection of wine, we welcome the opportunity to assist any guest with their personal wine. We charge a reasonable corkage fee to compensate us for all expenses associated with opening and serving the beverage as well as managing our wine inventory. Our corkage fee is based on industry standard and thus, the fee is calculated at the price of our least expensive wine on our wine list. Currently, our corkage fee is R100-00 per bottle.

Please do take note that this policy is only applicable and subject to wine, no other alcoholic beverages/non-alcoholic beverages will be accommodated – it must be understood tht we are licensed in terms of liquor legislation and thus bound by the regulations in terms of the legislation.

Are we allowed to bring our own drinks to the restaurant or Boma area?2017-08-03T08:28:12+00:00

No. We have a fully equipped and licensed bar at our lodge. Should you wish to enquire about something specifically, please contact or inform us in advance in order for us to cater your needs to the best of our ability?

Is your facility self-catering?2017-08-03T08:27:50+00:00

No, unfortunately we do not offer any self-catering facilities, as all our packages are based on a bed and breakfast or dinner, bed and breakfast basis. We have a wonderful restaurant with a carefully selected menu to accommodate all our guests.

Do you make any provision for dietary requirements or allergies?2017-08-03T08:26:37+00:00

We do accommodate all our guests to the best of our ability for any dietary requirements or allergies. Please ensure that allergies / special dietary requirements are specified upon making your reservation. However, should there be any special requests over and above during your stay, please feel free to speak to the Manager on duty or alternatively directly to the Food and Beverage manager to assist with your required need.

Do you allow children on game drives and bush walks?2017-08-03T08:22:06+00:00

Yes, we do allow children on game drives, given the permission and consent of the parent. In terms of bush walks however children must be 12 years old to participate on a Big 5 – Bush walk.

Can we bring our own tents/camper vans?2017-08-03T08:21:44+00:00

Unfortunately, we do not offer any facilities for camping. However, we do have overland groups that have special facilities on our premises. This is however not available to individuals for camping purposes. You can however, store your camper at our facility whilst staying at our camp, en route to your other destinations in Kruger National Park.