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September 2018

World Tourism Day 2018


Change the way you approach the small things, and you can create something that is incredible for the traveler, but life changing for the local community they visit. WHAT WE STAND FOR “We believe our people, our community is our biggest asset We conduct our business and operations by means of transparency and [...]

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August 2018


" A leopard never changes its spots" When we refer to the popular saying that a leopard never changes its spots, what we are really saying is that someone cannot change their essential nature or distinct characteristics. On this Women's Day, I was reminded of this saying yet again. [...]


July 2018

Celebrating the birth of a legendary man – Nelson Mandela!


"Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action, can change the world." This year we are celebrating 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela! Nkambeni Safari Camp will celebrate the birth and life of Nelson Mandela, tomorrow 18 [...]

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June 2018

The tracks we leave behind!


" We will forever be known by the tracks we leave behind" From 18 June until 22 June, Nkambeni Safari Camp had the privilege to host the annual Safari Guide of the Year 2018 competition. It was a wonderful week, filled with activities and assessments to be completed by the the qualifying guides. [...]

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April 2018



Responsible and Sustainable Tourism What does it mean to you? This is what it means to us at Nkambeni Safari Camp:   "Sustainable and Responsible Tourism, is the state of harmony between our people, the Nkambeni community and our social, cultural and natural environment"     We are pleased to be longlisted for the 2018 [...]


March 2018

RIGHTS – and the choice you make!


Whether you turn left or right. Or whether the decision on which path to take, ends up being wrong or right, you have the RIGHT. The right to choose - at least. What are you choosing? "To deny people their human rights, is to challenge their very humanity" - Nelson Mandela We are celebrating Human [...]

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Every ending is a new beginning!


"FIND PEACE IN THE STORM, BECAUSE EVERY DAY IS A NEW BEGINNING". May every sunrise bring you a promise and every sunset bring you peace! I would like to share that on the 31st December 2017, we experienced one of the biggest storms in the past 5 years at Nkambeni Safari Camp and the [...]

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February 2018

Every King needs his Queen!


"What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with". It is no secret that lions remains one of the most fascinating animals in the whole world. Lions, male and female are unlike most cat species, in the sense that they are not solitary. They live in [...]

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